Friday, February 11, 2011

A Latest Windows Trick

Yesterday, on 10th Feb, 2011, I accidently found a new Windows trick. I haven't seen it anywhere mentioned and in my friend of highly intelligent persons, no body was aware of it. So, I thought many many people around the world would not aware of it too.

So, here is the trick:

Open Run dialog box (press Windows Key+R OR Start Menu -> Run...)

Enter any text, for ex., abcdefg
and press enter

You will see a dialog box saying :
Windows cannot find 'abcdefg'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Now without closing the dialog box, press keys to copy (no selection required) : Control+C

Open Notepad

Press Control+V to paste
What R U Seeing?

Magic, huh!!!

You can use this trick to copy the message when u get an error and paste it to search online for the solution to the problem or save it for any future reference. This trick works for almost every type of windows dialog boxes as well as JavaScript error dialog box of Internet Explorer; and it works on Windows XP and later version of Windows (don't know about earlier versions).

This is specially helpful to the clients of software/web developers and computer troubleshooters.